Why join RREUSE?

Group photo of Rreuse members

Representatives of RREUSE member organisations.

  • Access to a wide range of leading social economy actors and stakeholders involved in reuse, repair and recycling
  • Direct contribution to advocacy campaigns to help promote reuse and recycling activities as well as the social economy in EU legislation.
  • RREUSE has a number of policy working groups bringing together experts from the network on topics such as reuse centre accreditation, standardisation, WEEE, textiles and social policy.
  • Help and advice with transposition/implementation of relevant EU legislation into national law
  • Advice and expertise on how to set up, manage and improve reuse and recycling activities based on a social economy model. For example cooperation among members in Scotland and Flanders, Belgium has allowed the transfer of the Flemish reuse model into Scotland
  • Attend tri-annual meetings, hosted by a different RREUSE member every time in order to meet and discuss new experiences, understand better the development of the social economy in different member states as well as discover new reuse/recycling initiatives across Europe.
  • Information about potential funding and project opportunities with possibilities of direct partnership

How to join 

If you would like to discuss how your organisation can join RREUSE, please contact Michal Len, Director at

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RREUSE is grateful for financial support from its member organisations, the European Commission's Erasmus+ programme, LIFE+ programme and the Fondation de France.

Our entry on the European Commission Transparency Register can be viewed here.






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Our Members

  • Emmaüs France
  • Branchevereniging Kringloopbedrijven Nederland
  • Ecological Recycling Society
  • EKON
  • Association Citizens “Hands”
  • Reuseful UK
  • Humana Nova
  • RepaNet
  • Humusz Szövetség
  • Envie
  • Macken
  • Emmaüs Europe
  • Klimax Plus
  • Rehab Recycle
  • Community Recycling Network for Scotland
  • Ateliere Fără Frontiere
  • Community Composting Network
  • Tramel
  • Furniture Re-use Network
  • Dobrote z.b.o
  • Farsi Promissimo
  • ReuseNYC
  • Komosie
  • Ressources
  • Orius
  • Community Reuse Network




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