Discussion and book signing with Sepp Eisenriegler: How consumerism fools us and how to fight back

Librebook│Chaussée de Wavre 128│Brussels On 18 January RREUSE organised a discussion with Sepp Eisenriegler, a passionate fighter against the throwaway culture and the founder of the Repair and Service Centre Vienna (R.U.S.Z), a social enterprise. RREUSE was delighted to welcome him in Brussels where he presented his book “Konsumtrottel” published in Austria last year*. In “Konsumtrottel” he describes the strategies behind the manufacturing of short-lived products and making repair and […]

Irish re-use and recycling social enterprise

In mid-October the RREUSE network met in Dublin hosted by the Community Reuse Network Ireland (CRNI). RREUSE members from nine European countries and the USA dedicated three days to getting to know the Irish re-use scene through participating in a conference on Making Reuse and Recycling Happen, site visits and discussions with the Irish colleagues. Apart from learning about the numerous waste prevention initiatives funded by the Irish EPA, the […]

EPR Club: How to support re-use and preparing for re-use through EPR

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is being promoted as a key market-based instrument to help implement EU waste legislation, including full application of the waste hierarchy. However, aside from a handful of cases, EPR has seldom been used as a tool to promote reuse and preparing for reuse activities. With the EU Commission’s proposed rules for implementing EPR schemes currently being extensively discussed by the European Parliament and Council, this EPR […]

The Dutch re-use flagships at anchor around Amsterdam

At the end of June RREUSE held a members’ meeting in Amsterdam attended by representatives from eleven member organisations and nine European countries. The meeting, hosted by bKN, a Dutch network of re-use social enterprises, provided a forum for discussion about current issues facing the re-use sector and an opportunity to visit three re-use centres in the Netherlands. The invited keynote speakers broadened the perspective on the topics of re-use […]

Local authorities showcasing their waste prevention policies

Towards Zero Waste cities: How local authorities can apply waste prevention policies The 22nd of June, RREUSE and Zero Waste Europe co-organised a conference on the topic of waste prevention as applied by European local authorities. This conference was held in front of 30 participants in the institution dedicated to those entities in Brussels: The Committee of the Regions. Contributing to the ongoing debate on a European Circular Economy, this conference was the […]

Towards Zero Waste cities: How local authorities can apply  waste prevention policies

Towards Zero Waste cities: How local authorities can apply waste prevention policies

Wed. 22nd June 2016: 11:00 – 18:00 Committee of the Regions, Brussels RREUSE and Zero Waste Europe are co-organising a conference on the topic of waste prevention at a local level. Contributing to the ongoing debate on a European circular economy, this conference will be the occasion to showcase two European funded projects aiming at creating synergies and training tools encouraging local authorities to implement waste prevention policies on their territory: […]

MEPs see benefits of re-use first hand

A delegation of MEPs and European parliamentary staff working on the EU’s revised Circular Economy Package toured a French re-use facility in Strasbourg earlier this month. The visit, organised by RREUSE, introduced policymakers to the training and job creation potential of repair and re-use social enterprises. It also reinforced the message that re-use targets and guaranteed access to waste streams are critical to the future of the sector. The delegation […]

Government experts share best practice on re-use

Innovative measures to promote re-use over recycling across Europe were highlighted earlier this month at an event organized by RREUSE in Brussels. Spanish legislation boosting re-use and emphasising the role of the social economy in the waste sector was showcased by Margarita Ruiz Saiz-Aja,  Deputy Director of the Waste Department in the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment. Spain’s newly published 2016-22 Waste Management Plan sets an overall objective […]

The Flemish way around the circle

10-11th March, twenty four representatives of social enterprises from 10 countries across Europe met in Ghent, Belgium, to exchange best practices in the re-use sector and discuss the European Commission’s Circular Economy policy proposals. The RREUSE event, hosted by Komosie, the network of social enterprise re-use centres in Flanders, better known as “de Kringwinkel”, also included a site visit to one such enterprise, Ateljee. Ateljee performs a wide spectrum of […]

Commission officials see re-use centre in action

Officials from the European Commission department responsible for the Circular Economy Package were given a tour of a Belgian re-use centre in February followed by an exchange of views with the RREUSE network on new waste legislation proposals. Mr. Julius Langendorff, from the Waste Management & Recycling unit of DG Environment, and other colleagues visited the Kringwinkel facility in Vilvorde, Flanders accompanied by representatives of RREUSE. Mr. Langendorff said the […]