Commission officials see re-use centre in action

Officials from the European Commission department responsible for the Circular Economy Package were given a tour of a Belgian re-use centre in February followed by an exchange of views with the RREUSE network on new waste legislation proposals. Mr. Julius Langendorff, from the Waste Management & Recycling unit of DG Environment, and other colleagues visited the Kringwinkel facility in Vilvorde, Flanders accompanied by representatives of RREUSE. Mr. Langendorff said the […]

2nd International workshop on management of used textiles and role of social enterprises 10-11 December 2015, Soissons, France (Summary points)

10-11 December 2015, RREUSE held a second workshop focusing on the role of social economy actors in the management of used textiles. Around 60 participants from 14 different countries attended. Social enterprises have long been involved in the collection, sorting and selling of used textiles with members of the RREUSE network collecting some 130,000 tonnes between them annually. As the purchase price for collected textiles paid by sorting companies fell […]