Making re-use mainstream by getting everyone on board

22 – 23 November, over 80 participants from 20 countries gathered in Nijmegen, Europe’s Green Capital 2018, to discuss the role of social enterprise in a circular economy. The event, RREUSE’s 2nd international conference, tackled how to make re-use a natural and convenient choice for consumers and encourage public, private and social enterprises to collaborate closely in the field. With the private sector getting increasingly interested in take-back, repair and […]

Re-use centres around Europe manifest their impact in just one week

Between 17 – 24 November 2018, 38 re-use centres in Croatia, Italy, Netherlands and Spain took part in RREUSE’s annual ‘Re-use More Throw Less’ campaign in order to communicate the environmental impact of our consumption and the potential of re-use and repair for waste prevention. Every day each re-use centre weighed items collected and items sold for re-use in their second-hand shops. Adding together these weights represented saved natural resources: […]

One year anniversary of the European Pillar of Social Rights

One year anniversary of the European Pillar of Social Rights

Social enterprises active in re-use, repair and recycling greatly contribute to making the European Pillar of Social Rights a reality. By creating local green jobs and training opportunities for individuals at risk of socio-economic exclusion, they provide a compelling model for an inclusive circular economy. Download the poster (pdf)