170 re-use centres across Europe show what impact can be made by re-use in one week

170 re-use centres across Europe show what impact can be made by re-use in one week

RREUSE’s annual campaign Reuse More Throw Less was carried out by re-use centres from its network during the European Week for Waste Reduction that took place between 18 and 26 November 2017. Over six days, 170 participating re-use centres in five European countries weighed all donated goods collected and sold in their shops. At the end, RREUSE added these numbers together to show the impact they had on waste reduction. […]

Social enterprises sorting out the textile waste problem

On 28th June, re-use operators from the social economy shared their experiences from the textile re-use and recycling sector at a high level conference dedicated to the subject held in Zagreb, Croatia at the premises of the European Commission. The conference was hosted by Humana Nova, one of the first Croatian social cooperatives that was established in 2011 and has developed into a thriving enterprise present in three cities. Humana […]

Conference: The role of textile re-use in a circular economy

Conference: The role of textile re-use in a circular economy

The role of textile re-use in a circular economy: Practice and policy in Central and Eastern Europe Organised with the kind support of the Ministry of Environment and Energy of Croatia Wednesday 28th June 2017, 9:00 – 13:30 Kuća Europe, Augusta Cesarca 4, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia Humana Nova and RREUSE kindly invite you to a conference that will open the topic of re-use and treatment of used textiles in Croatia […]

European re-use actors from the social economy meet in Brussels

Mid-March the first RREUSE network meeting of this year was held in Brussels attended by 16 members from 10 countries. Discussions about the current policy work were encouraged by the European Parliament vote in the plenary that strengthened the role of re-use and social economy in the European waste legislation. Another positive of the meeting was an admission of Emmaüs Europe as a new member of RREUSE. RREUSE is happy […]

Opening Conference of the BIOHEC-Life project: The potential of biowaste for a circular Europe

Opening Conference of the BIOHEC-Life project: The potential of biowaste for a circular Europe

Wednesday 15 March 2017, 14:00 – 17:30 European Economic and Social Committee – Rue Belliard 99 • B-1040 Brussels, BE – Room JDE 63 RREUSE is one of the partners in the BIOHEC-Life project which aims at promoting the use of used cooking oils for biodiesel production. The project will be launched with a conference on the potential of biowaste for the circular economy organised by Pour la Solidarité in […]

Leading young people to make a circular economy happen

RENEW2020 is a European project that gives young people and people from disadvantaged groups entrepreneurial skills which encourage them to seize the opportunities of the circular economy related to re-use, repair and upcycling. A group of 25 students takes part on training sessions across Europe and visits local social enterprises, design studios and waste management companies. Through an online learning platform and direct consultations they get first-hand information about waste […]

Discussion and book signing with Sepp Eisenriegler: How consumerism fools us and how to fight back

Librebook│Chaussée de Wavre 128│Brussels On 18 January RREUSE organised a discussion with Sepp Eisenriegler, a passionate fighter against the throwaway culture and the founder of the Repair and Service Centre Vienna (R.U.S.Z), a social enterprise. RREUSE was delighted to welcome him in Brussels where he presented his book “Konsumtrottel” published in Austria last year*. In “Konsumtrottel” he describes the strategies behind the manufacturing of short-lived products and making repair and […]

Irish re-use and recycling social enterprise

In mid-October the RREUSE network met in Dublin hosted by the Community Reuse Network Ireland (CRNI). RREUSE members from nine European countries and the USA dedicated three days to getting to know the Irish re-use scene through participating in a conference on Making Reuse and Recycling Happen, site visits and discussions with the Irish colleagues. Apart from learning about the numerous waste prevention initiatives funded by the Irish EPA, the […]

EPR Club: How to support re-use and preparing for re-use through EPR

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is being promoted as a key market-based instrument to help implement EU waste legislation, including full application of the waste hierarchy. However, aside from a handful of cases, EPR has seldom been used as a tool to promote reuse and preparing for reuse activities. With the EU Commission’s proposed rules for implementing EPR schemes currently being extensively discussed by the European Parliament and Council, this EPR […]

The Dutch re-use flagships at anchor around Amsterdam

At the end of June RREUSE held a members’ meeting in Amsterdam attended by representatives from eleven member organisations and nine European countries. The meeting, hosted by bKN, a Dutch network of re-use social enterprises, provided a forum for discussion about current issues facing the re-use sector and an opportunity to visit three re-use centres in the Netherlands. The invited keynote speakers broadened the perspective on the topics of re-use […]