EU Officials Firsthand Visit to a Re-use Centre Before Next Commission Mandate

On June 27, RREUSE organised a site visit to a major Belgian textiles sorting facility owned by the social enterprise “Les Petits Riens”. The site visit attracted about 20 representatives from the European Commission, including from the Department for Employment (DG EMPL), Environment (DG ENV), Market, Industry & SMEs (DG GROW) and the European Economic and Social Committee. While EU officials approached the end of their mandate, they nonetheless left […]

New tool shows CO2 emissions saved through re-use

How big an impact does it make if you keep a product in use rather than throwing it away? A new online calculator available in English and developed by the Spanish re-use network of social enterprises Aeress helps answer this question. The English version of the calculator was launched to coincide with this year’s Re-use More Throw Less campaign, an action we organise within the European Week for Waste Reduction. […]

New Yorkers can donate easier thanks to an online platform

New Yorkers can donate easier thanks to an online platform

An online database and a mobile app were launched by the New York City’s Department of Sanitation (DSNY) to help citizens localise the nearest place to donate all kinds of reusable items or shop second-hand. The platform makes it as convenient as never before for New Yorkers to avoid waste by providing detailed information including maps, opening hours and describing the missions of involved re-use organisations under the umbrella of […]