Blog | A morning at Emmaüs Strasbourg: Learning about an inclusive re-use community

When we stepped out of the bus at the ‘Bruche’ station in the Strasbourg’s suburb, we were not the only ones to do so. Most of our fellow passengers – carrying empty shopping trolleys and bags – were heading towards the same direction as us: Emmaüs Strasbourg. On the short walk to the community [1], we were crossing the path of early birds who already got what they needed to […]

MEPs see benefits of re-use first hand

A delegation of MEPs and European parliamentary staff working on the EU’s revised Circular Economy Package toured a French re-use facility in Strasbourg earlier this month. The visit, organised by RREUSE, introduced policymakers to the training and job creation potential of repair and re-use social enterprises. It also reinforced the message that re-use targets and guaranteed access to waste streams are critical to the future of the sector. The delegation […]