France to create a Solidarity Re-use Fund (and other re-use friendly measures)!

France to create a Solidarity Re-use Fund (and other re-use friendly measures)!

Member States have until the 4th of July 2020 to transpose the updated Waste Framework Directive. After a final vote in the Senate on the 30th of January, France is now the first to validate its transposition law. Among other ambitious proposals, the text will trigger the creation of a Solidarity Re-use Fund, a re-use and preparing for re-use target, a ban on the destruction of unsold goods, re-use corners […]

Austrian social enterprises develop a business model for re-use of building materials

Construction and demolition waste is the most voluminous waste stream generated in the EU and a priority waste stream according to the European Commission. Last year Austria introduced a progressive regulation to prevent waste of the high-value material by boosting re-use of construction and demolition components. As a response to that a project was launched to exercise re-use on a large-scale demolition work for the first time in Austria. According […]

New tool shows CO2 emissions saved through re-use

How big an impact does it make if you keep a product in use rather than throwing it away? A new online calculator available in English and developed by the Spanish re-use network of social enterprises Aeress helps answer this question. The English version of the calculator was launched to coincide with this year’s Re-use More Throw Less campaign, an action we organise within the European Week for Waste Reduction. […]