The more you use it, the better it works…reflections on the RREUSE network

The more you use it, the better it works…reflections on the RREUSE network

The first RREUSE network meeting of 2019 took place in Brussels on 5th March with the ambition to outline a strategy that will set the direction and priorities of the organisation for the next few years. A motivated group of members representing 11 organisations from 8 countries engaged in the strategy day, including both newcomers and members who’ve been active for over a decade.

The bottom line for developing the strategy was to describe the most valuable services of the network, celebrate its main achievements and navigate our future journey towards less waste and more jobs. Here’s what comes to the member’s minds if they think of RREUSE:


What can you get out of being a RREUSE member?

  • Confidence and recognition: Being part of a European network helps members to raise their profile at local, national and international level and gives them the assurance to become more active in advocacy and international projects.
  • Policy analysis directly from Brussels: EU legislation is far-reaching and its impact extends towards each local re-use centre. Thanks to regular updates on policy developments in the EU, members can engage with their local and national governments more easily and help co-create the policies which have direct influence on their work.
  • Exchanging practical experience on re-use with peer-experts: The network is a space for collaboration and learning from people with direct experience in re-use activities, be it technical competence to repair a washing machine or dealing with local regulations. The more you share and participate, the better you expand your colleague network.
  • Accumulating a unique knowledge from across Europe: Each re-use centre brings to the table an operating model of its own kind, formed by the different cultural, legal and economic contexts they work in. Under the umbrella of RREUSE you can tap into this library of knowledge more easily and gain insight into policy and best practice.
  • Benchmarking and keeping on the right track: Regular contact with re-use operators from across Europe is a way to avoid working in isolation and keep in touch with the latest trends and innovations.


Pivotal successes of the network

RREUSE’s efforts to strengthen re-use actions and the position of social enterprise have been reflected in major EU waste laws. Most notably, the following accomplishments are something the network is proud to look back upon:

  • Advocating for the waste hierarchy as we know it today in the 2008 revision of the Waste Framework Directive.
  • Pushing for a recognised role of social enterprise in the fundamental waste legislation, notably the WEEE Directive and the 2018 revised version of the Waste Framework Directive.
  • Preparing for re-use targets, separate from recycling, are also on the table thanks to countries such as Spain and Belgium, which have set such targets on their own initiative.


Members of the RREUSE network including local, regional and national social enterprises with activities in re-use, repair and recycling meet three times a year to exchange policy updates and to connect. Take a look at the list of our members, maybe you already recognise someone. Why not get in touch and learn more about the perks of RREUSE membership! We would love to hear from you, so give us a call and discover more.


Contact: Jana Zurkova 
+32 (0)2 894 46 13


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